5 Actionable Tips To Improve Your PPC Performance

PPC campaign management is not easy. Though there are many resources and information available for you to do this, it is not simple as you think. You should know the basics and the process of how it is being handled. The first complex involved in the PPC campaign management is to find the right resources.

Today we are here to help you find those resources and add a tip for your PPC campaigns.

We have collected tips from leading PPC experts who succeeded with unique, unusual, and effective PPC campaigns. So let’s get started.

  1. Demographics Targeting and Reporting

Targeting and reporting have been expanded recently with the demographic elements of Google Ads that most advertisers failed to use. This section helps the business to optimize the data to improve the ROI and learn the future marketing efforts by investigating the latest potential visitor trends. It can be done on and offline.

Knowing the visitor’s interest in services and predicting the trend from it is helpful but there are chances you missed to consider the niches and correlations. This data fill the gap and improve your PPC campaigns.

  1. Incoporate Pay Per Conversion To Your PPC Campaigns

If you watch Google closely, you should have known that they released a new feature called “Pay Per Conversion” to make sales from the display. You just add cost per sale target and Google provides you with a sale ad.

A good thing is Google will deliver sales. So you only have to pay when customers buy it which is also never more than your CPA price. It is a gateway that creates new opportunities for marketing who do well. 

  1. Dark Posting on Facebook Ads

Most marketers we talked with recommended Dark Posting for ads if you are trying to get more sales opportunities from Facebook and Instagram ads. The dark posting means the same ad ID will be used across multiple ad campaigns and ad sets.

Why experts recommend the Dark posting strategy because it increases the social value of your ads through likes, comments, shares, and tags.

If a visitor tags anyone on your ad post or shares it in their profile, you get user engagement and ad views for FREE. We have seen marketers get at least a 20% increase in traffic out of the ad cost with these kinds of free social engagements.

  1. Include Long-Tail Keywords in Marketing

Include long-tail keywords for your products. These are less competitive and cheaper. They are never out of fashion.

Long-tail keywords still provide great value and possibilities of traffic to your product or ads. So don’t boycott old-school tactics completely. 

  1. Utilize Rule Bidding

Adding rules to accounts is a good practice in PPC marketing. The best rules can help decrease CPC and keep positions.

An example from an expert:

Set your keywords to decrease by 3% daily. For instance, in the position of 1.1. Then set another rule to increase the position by 3% if it is lower than 1.5.

In this way, your account gets a good balance and it prevents you from overpaying for keywords that are not in the top places but it keeps the keywords in the first position at the lowest cost.

If you are marketing for a brand, this technique is great for you.

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